fuck the radio…


G-Eazy ft. Kam Royal – Well Known

G-Eazy was Raised in Oakland and Berkeley and is currently doing his thing in New Orleans. He makes most of his own beats, and records all his shit in his bedroom. This song is a chill laid back song perfect for summer. enjoy…


Lazy Sunday

Here’s a couple songs to get you through your Sunday…

First up is is Aer – Come and Go. These guys have a real unique and somewhat experimental sound, mixing elements of both hip-hop and reggae to produce their tracks. P.L.D. for sure, give it a listen

And here’s Sucka Free Cj’s attempt at rappin over Chris Cab’s ‘Good Girls’, and he does a beauty job. Probably better than the original, but that’s just me

Happy 4/20 Everybody

It’s 4/20 everybody, and you know what that means. Time to spend time wasting time, hangin out, munchin’ on your favourite snacks, and listenin’ to beauty tunes. Seems like everyone is a lover to the herb, especially musicians , because today saw a huge dumpin’ of chill rippin’ tunes into our ear pipes. Poo your bowls and turn it up…

Mac Miller dropped three new songs today, all of them pretty good with some pretty jokes samples for intros, but this one, ‘Lets Get High’ is by far my favourite

Next, its Weed Conversation by Olu, and its soo chill, especially with the J’s dave chappelle sample to open it up

Off his new-ish album SuperCaliforniaLipstickSeexyMagicDopeShit comes Cisco Adler ft. Shwayze – High High High, because what song could fit today more..

Moufy – Twist it and Light it

Great chill song. I just found out about Moufy not to long ago and this is probably my favourite song of his. Here he’s got a slow flow over a slower beat, and it works perfectly. Just chill and listen…

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