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Regardless of his Insanity, Charles Hamilton is the most talented rapper i know, and he’s easily my favourite, so here’s one his best from back in the day.. ‘I Hate Parties’

‘Be Easy’ by Radical Something (Loggy and Josh Cocktail) joined with Kinetics to bring this sick summer song, prime for chillin, Do it up..


Flo Rida – Good Feeling

New Flo Rida. Remix to Avicci’s song ‘Levels’, which was dirty on its own, now its such a good fist pumper. Not really underground but I had to post it. This version is kinda sketchy but I’ll post the good one when it drops…

90’s Finest – Lose Control (BAI Remix)


BAI takes this one by 90’s Finest and turns it into a dope fist pumper called Lose Control, by adding a dubstep/electro type beat. Such a sick song, Enjoy..


Yelawolf – Daddy’s Lambo

Not that new, but a dope song, Daddy’s Lambo by Yelawolf, sick rapping and a catchy hook

Fingers Up – Hyper Crush

Hyper Crush, who brought us the dirty song ‘Ayo’ now bring us a sick party tune Fingers Up, a must Download for all those who feel the need to get wreckless, like, tune your moms car wreckless.. Enjoy

Classic Hypercrush, Here’s Ayo, such a dirty party song..

New Linen – Forget Who You Are

Summer is right around the corner, and here’s an East Coast take on how to chill out, with Forget Who You Are by New Linen. Pictures pretty jokes, props to our buddy Shity for the artwork.. Enjoy

Hi (Lily Allen Remix) – Sound Remedy

Filthy Dubstep, none of that robot bullshit, Enjoy