fuck the radio…

It’s Saturday Right?

Charlie Chaplin, For No Reason At All

So ya, Its Saturday, and At this point your probably checking facebook status’ and textin’ ‘Your Boys’ to figure out whats going, and bustin’ out ‘Your Sick’ fakes and headin’ to the LC to purchase some  Smirnoff Ice or Greenapple Sour Puss. You forgot One thing, a sick playlist to keep you goin’ while your downing your second half shot half OJ. While here’s a coupla songs to hold you over, and keep you standin’ and bumpin on the best night of the week..

This first one is called Backseat by New Boyz ft. The Cataracs, and its a pretty dope song, not to high energy, but still a sick listen

Next, Its Who’s That Chick remix By Monstar and TBI, and this track is dirty, but you gotta let it play before you judge it. Let it play for about a minute so you can hear the beatdrop and the sick rapping overtop..

This one, Through (I’m good) by Henny is sickk, its got a dirty beat over some clever party rapping by this breakthrough artist. ‘Cups in the Air If you Fuc with Me..’


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