fuck the radio…

Earl Sweatshirt – Drop

Odd Future is on fire these days, pumpin’ out tracks like it’s their day job (it is), and today we’ve got Earl Sweatshirts ‘Drop’. Dirty beat, Dirty song, Definite download, so get on it, i mean, just check out these lyrics, and Oh ya, Free Earl

‘Tell your bitch to stop complaining bout her achy tits
her body is a temple i don’t give a fuck I’m atheist make me stop make me bitch
she mad because i tape this shit
and sent the tape to ace and taco helps him fuckin bake to it
master master pretty bitch basher black and white bitch mixed like she moo and chew grass
Though some concerned i like this shit i guess i kind of like my bitch
if she wasn’t a dyke motorcyclist with tyson lisp’


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