fuck the radio…

Red’s Weekly

The Beauty with the cigar in his hand and the completely unnecessary shades is my boy Redman, self-proclaimed Lord of the Underground. He’ll be bringin’ us a constant flo of beats, new or old, from artists you’ve probably never heard, and probably never would have otherwise, so sit back, relax, and take a journey into the mind of a man with too much time to spare..

This first one was described by our man as ‘straight rappin’ about real shit’, and without a doubt, thats what this joint is. Mistakes by Immortal technique is true to the artist’s name, as the flo remains consistent with every other masterpiece this man has ever produced..

Next, we’ve got A Storm of Swords by Jedi Mind Tricks, a simple beat with a dirty sound. A song you definitely shouldn’t pass up on, especially since a listen is just a click away..

Lastly, Redman brings us Get Me Outta Here by Thomax ft. Reef the Lost Cauze, and I haven’t got much to say about this one except It’s Underground, and thats what this sites all about, Enjoy


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