fuck the radio…

Dubstep Anyone?

We haven’t really posted alot of dubstep on the site yet, in fact, we haven’t posted any at all. Well here’s a chance for you to either see what it’s all about. You’ll either reach a techno epiphany and decide you actually love it, or simply reaffirm your belief that it truly sucks ass.

This first one is a more hardcore dubstep song with heavy bass and synth called Pink Elephants Vip by Daladubz, with a dirty sample from the Movie Dumbo, kinda creppy..

Next, we have more of a hiphop infused dubstep called In For The Kill – Skrillex (Rick Black Remix) and its pretty unreal. Rich Black takes on the challenge of a dubstep beat and kills it, goin hard in every verse, Enjoy..

Lastly, this is a pretty jokes remix. It’s called Lonely Island – I’m On a Boat (Dubby Jonny Remix), and it doesn’t bang to hard so it will probably appeal to more of you

NOTE: to download click the down arrow on the right side of the player and then click download.


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