fuck the radio…

A Few Good Reasons to Chill..


This One, Look is Deceiving By The Holdup, is a to chill track that deserves a solid listen form 0:00 to Whenever you replay it

Next, we got an unreal mashup, SnoopDog vs. RJD2 – Drop It Like a Ghostwriter, and while I usually have little good to say about mashups, this one is pretty chillin’, and the two songs flo together real well

Lastly, we got a lil rap didyy by a guy named Styles Infinite, called ‘Finishline’. This guy is a member of the group called the Mountain Brothers, and if you have’t heard them, Get off your ass, cuz your missin’ out on some real down to earth and talent infused rap

NOTE: to download click the down arrow on the right side of the player and then click download.


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